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AHRO Masterclass in Sustainable Diet Plans

Time limit: 56 days
40 credits

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Full course description

Sustainable diets are diets that reduce the impact it has on the environment. This basically means eating more fruits,vegetables, being concious of where your food comes from, how it is prepared and avoid or cut down on consuming processed food. A sustainable diet will encourage you to eat more plants than animals but it doesn't mean you have to go vegan but encourages individuals to eat a higher proportion of plant-based food.

This training will assist the students in taking action to combat climate change and live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle!


Course Outcome

After completing the course, learners would be able:

  • Explain the stakes: How do your eating habits affect your health and the environment?
  • Make smarter food choices that benefit both people and the environment.
  • Determine how modifying one’s diet will help one to live a healthier life.
  • Create a customised diet plan or project that is both sustainable and nutritious


Course Content

  • Food choice Issues
  • Better farming
  • Organic Foods/ Process Foods: Good or Bad?
  • Health effects by choice of preference
  • Food waste, Food Packaging techniques to reduce food waste
  • Food Laws( Agmark, BIS,FPO,MPO)
  • Adapting to new eating habits
  • Case studies

Teaching Methods

Interactive Lectures conducted online, Problem-solving exercise and case-based learning through a VLE platform.  Course materials, including lecture notes and Power Point presentation, and other programme materials will be provided electronically.


Formative and Summative assessment. Learners would provide feedback via 1000 word written essay after each module and a 4000 written summative essay


Clinical practitioner, Any Graduate in BTech/ BE/ Bsc/ BPharm/ MBBS/ BDS/ Ayurvedic Graduate/ Homeopathy Graduate and all graduate level qualifications.