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AHRO Masterclass in Viral Hepatitis

Time limit: 90 days
30 credits

£300 Enroll

Full course description


Viral hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver associated with viral infection. The most common viral-associated hepatitis includes types A, B, C and E. HBV and HCV are the most common cause of liver cirrhosis and cancer. Viral hepatitis infection is a global public health issue. For example 70 million people are infected with HCV alone. Taking into consideration of the urgent need to control viral hepatitis and the long term effect, it is highly significant that medical personnel should be updating their knowledge and incorporating these acquired skills in their daily practices.



The objective of this course is to develop the knowledge and skills of participants towards proper management of patients with viral hepatitis.


At the end of the course, participants would be able to:

  • Knowledgeable about viruses in viral hepatitis.
  • Understand recent epidemiology of viral hepatitis.
  • Describe latest preventive strategies.
  • Describe recent advances in diagnostic techniques.
  • Describe updated therapeutic options.
  • Discuss stigma experienced faced by people affected with hepatitis.
  • Understand the protocol for managing patients with chronic hepatitis.



  • Viral Hepatitis: Global overview and recent updated structure and functions of liver.
  • Pathogenesis of viral hepatitis infections.
  • Clinical manifestations of liver injury.
  • Interpretation of liver function tests.
  • Viral Transmission and Preventions.
  • Hepatitis and Prevention of Mother-to-child transmission.
  • Biomarkers of hepatitis infection.
  • Recent advances in viral hepatitis therapeutics.
  • Clinical Management of viral hepatitis infections.
  • Viral hepatitis in specific populations.
  • Practice skills: Case study.

Teaching Methods

Interactive Lectures conducted online, Problem-solving exercise and case-based learning through a VLE platform.  Course materials, including lecture notes and Power Point presentation, and other programme materials will be provided electronically.



Formative and Summative assessment. Learners would provide feedback via 500 words written essay after each module and a 4000 written report.


Virologist, Biomedical Scientists, Microbiologists, Hepatologists, Physicians, Public Health Workers involved in the management of viral hepatitis, healthcare practitioners, and staffs from patient organisations.

You will gain a CPD authenticated Certificate of Attendance.