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Executive Diploma in Nutraceuticals

Time limit: 90 days
30 credits

£250 Enroll

Full course description


Nutraceuticals are becoming an emerging and promising field in the healthcare industry, thanks to the move toward preventative healthcare. Nutraceuticals are foods, or components of foods, that give medical or health benefits in addition to their typical nutritional value, such as illness prevention and treatment.

AHRO has developed this comprehensive training programme on Nutraceuticals to provide thorough knowledge of the subject and to help you analyse the precise body requirements and reliable technological developments in the sector, as there is a growing awareness of the significant roles played by functional foods and nutraceuticals beyond basic nutrition. The course is primarily intended for professionals in the fields of food, nutrition, health, and allied sciences, as well as members of the food industry and the general public. Understanding the importance of health and the value of time, we created this Nutraceuticals fast track curriculum to equip interested persons with comprehensive practical information. Aside from that, another key purpose of this course is to provide thorough training in the disciplines of health foods, food ingredients, dietary supplements, and natural medicines. As a developing discipline, it also aids in demonstrating the benefits of functional foods in health promotion and chronic disease prevention, as well as forming a network of academic and industry experts.

The executive in Nutraceuticals is a fast-paced curriculum with rigorous industry-based case studies that will assist learners in pursuing an exciting and successful career in related fields.


Course Outcome

After completing this course, learners should be:

  • Aware of various technological development of various functional food and their roles in disease prevention.
  • Gain a comprehensive knowledge on selection of food ingredients, dietary supplement, natural medicines for building immunity.


Course Content

  • Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods: An Introduction
  • Food, Nutrition and Health Claims
  • Active Ingredients and their Origin
  • Extraction and Processing of active Ingredients
  • Product development
  • Delivery and Stability of Nutraceuticals
  • Nutraceutical and Disease Control
  • Analytical Techniques in Nutraceutical Industry
  • Laws and Regulations on Nutraceuticals
  • Entrepreneurship Development in Nutraceutical Industry
  • Case Studies


Teaching Methods

Interactive Lectures conducted online, Problem-solving exercise and case-based learning through a VLE platform.  Course materials, including lecture notes and Power Point presentation, and other programme materials will be provided electronically.


Formative and Summative assessment. Learners would provide feedback via 1000 word written essay after each module and a 4000 written summative essay.


Clinical practitioner, Any Graduate in BTech/ BE/ Bsc/ BPharm/ MBBS/ BDS/Ayurvedic Graduate / Homeopathy Graduate and all graduate level qualifications.