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Grad Certificate Personal Nutrition (Women, School goers, Office Goers & Geriatrics)

Time limit: 56 days
40 credits

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Full course description



The course will undoubtedly aid in the management and maintenance of a healthy BMI because we will learn about the causes of our obesity and disorders. AHRO not only aids in the knowledge of a person's or family's qualities, but it also aids in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease.




  • The course will help to set a meal plan with dietary intake or recommended dietary allowance for women Age-wise ( school goers, adolescent, pregnant , lactating and middle aged and old age).
  • The target group will learn various tips and techniques of cooking in a proper way avoiding wastage or learning how to be precise in retaining the nutrients value
  • To identify several disorders which is interrelated to nutritional aspect and also how to prevent them or aware people to take self prevention.


Course Content

  • Age wise women nutrition ( adolescent, Pregnant, Lactating).
  • Lunch for office goers/ sedentary, moderate and heavy workers diet plans.
  • Healthy eating tips.
  • Packed lunch.
  • Nutrition & Herbs in immunity building.
  • Choosing right oils .
  • Cooking techniques.
  • Life style disorders of this group.
  • Complications with Adolescents

Teaching Methods

Interactive Lectures conducted online, Problem-solving exercise and case-based learning through a VLE platform.  Course materials, including lecture notes and Power Point presentation, and other programme materials will be provided electronically.


Formative and Summative assessment. Learners would provide feedback via 1000 word written essay after each module and a 4000 written summative essay


Clinical practitioners