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Postgrad Diploma in Health Economics & Health Financing

Time limit: 365 days
120 credits

Spots remaining: 20

£4,500 Enroll

Full course description


Do you want to advance your career in health economics and health financing? This course is assist you gain advanced skills and knowledge for you to pursue and advance your career in healthcare and health policy organization such as governments, health services, NGOs, pharmaceutical industry and research institutes. This is the opportunity to build your academic and research skills.


After taking part in this course, learners should be able to:

·       Demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of key economic principles associated with healthcare

·       Demonstrate an in-depth knowledge  of the complexities of healthcare

·       Demonstrate an in-depth knowledge on health inequities and social determinants of health

·       Demonstrate an in-depth knowledge on healthcare financing systems

·       Demonstrate an in-depth knowledge on art of reviewing of published economic health technologies


·       Principles of economic in healthcare ( 10 credit)

·       Health financing systems (10 credits)

·       Economic Evaluation (10 credits)

·       Pharma Market (10 credits)

·       Market Leadership (10 credits)

·       Paying healthcare providers (10 credits)

·       Research Methods  (10 credits)

·       Health and social justice (10 credits)

·       Health economics for non-health professionals (10 credits)

·       Statistical Methods in Health Economics (10 credits)

·       Decision Modeling (10 Credits)

·       Practical case studies (10 credits)


1.       Healthcare professional interested in economic

2.       Individual involved in policy analysis and want to have an indepth understanding of healthcare economics

3.       Graduate of finance or economics who want to have an understanding of healthcare insurance and financing systems

4.       Individual working in health agencies, government, NGOs, etc who is interested in addressing key health-related issues

Teaching Methods: Interactive Lectures conducted onsite, Problem-solving exercise and case-based learning.  Course materials, including lecture notes and Power Point presentation, and other programme materials will be provided electronically.

Assessment: Formative and Summative assessment. Learners would provide feedback via 1000 word written essay after each module and a 4000 written summative essay. All modules must be passed. Those interested in obtaining  MSc will submit a research project (60 credits) 

Fees: Postgraduate diploma

  • UK: £4500
  • International Student: £4500
  • UK: For those graduating with MSc: £10,000
  • International Students graduating with MSc: £10,000